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Conservatory roofs are a stylish and cost effective way to expand your living area. Whether you are looking for that extra space for a dining room, children’s play area or a place to relax and admire the garden, whatever the weather, a conservatory is a simple, affordable way to extend your home. A conservatory with its clean aesthetic lines makes the best possible use of the space you have available, whilst providing a light and airy room for you and your family to enjoy all year round.


With our Bi-folding patio doors it makes it even easier to open up your conservatory to your home or garden. For more information about these please click here.


Unlike some companies, all our PVCu products which make up the conservatory are sourced from one supplier to manufacture your windows, doors and conservatory roof. This means that each component of your conservatory will be perfectly colour matched. The attention to design and detail has produced one of the most advanced conservatory systems currently available.


Conservatory roof systems have come a long way and there are a wide range of products on the market these days that are able to meet any desire, need or budget.



This is the most cost effective solution. The variety of options and colour finishes available can provide privacy from above or reduce the direct glare and the heat from the sunlight. The options are;



Allows the light into the conservatory whilst obscuring the view from above.



Is bronze in colour, minimises the heat of the sun in your conservatory and obscures the view from above.



Is opaque white in colour, reduces the effect of solar rays on your upholstery and provides privacy from above. 



Is bronze on the inside and opal on the outside. It is designed to minimise the heat of the sun and the effect of solar rays on your conservatory whilst providing privacy from above.



These are becoming increasingly popular. They are the more expensive option but have many advantages. Glass can maximise light, minimise the noise of rain and self clean. The options are;



You can choose normal clear double glazed sealed units which maximises the light and warmth into the conservatory all year round.


Solar controlled/Self cleaning

These double glazed units minimise the effects of solar rays on your upholstery and control the heat, keeping you warm in the chilly winter months and cooler on warm summer days. The self-cleaning properties activate in the rain (they work best when they are not in the shade). They maximise the light and warmth in the conservatory all year round. Available in a variety of different tints including blue, green, bronze or grey. For optimum performance these roofs do need to have a minimum pitch of 10o  


Eurocell conservatory roof,

Aluminium structure,

PVCu fixtures and fittings.

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