Supalite Tiled Roof


This is a tried and tested solid roof system which provides a certified, safe and energy efficient roof solution for any new or existing conservatory.

This solid tiled roof solution is a superior energy efficient roofing system which has been specifically designed to create your dream living space. Combined with an interior plastered finish and the usual fixtures and fittings of an internal room, it gives your conservatory the look and feel of an extension. This roof can be approved by JHAI Ltd to give certified Building Regulations approval as an alternative to local authority building control whilst maintaining the same high standards.

With the unique design features of this solid roof system, all configurations can be achieved. There are a choice of internal & external finishes as well as tile and slate colours with a full range of matching fascias, soffits and gutters to suit your existing or new windows and doors.

This roof completely transforms your conservatory into a space you can to enjoy in all seasons. 

Technical Details

Lightweight aluminium ridge beam and tantalised timber batons
Lightweight aluminium rafters with tantalised timber batons
Lightweight aluminium eaves ring beam
Insulated plasterboard
PIR insulated board
Structural Waterproof Ply
SupaLite branded breathable membrane
Lightweight tiles or premium slate tiles