Window Designs Ltd and the Environment - Recycling uPVC, glass, steel and aluminium program.

For many years, PVCu windows and doors have been recognised as the durable, low-maintenance and energy-efficient option. Now, thanks to recent advances in recycling, PVCu windows and doors are the first choice material for sustainability too.

Research has shown that 95% of post-consumer or end-of-life PVCu windows can be recycled. When combined with an official product life for a PVCu window or door of up to 35 years (BRE), and much longer unofficially, the result is hundreds of years of re-use with minimal impact on the environment.

We recycle all of our waste and off cut PVCu material and offer the installers a means to recycle the old PVCu windows and doors that they remove, as part of a bigger recycling programme to reduce our carbon footprint. We source 98% of our PVCu from Eurocell, who re-uses virtually 100% of its waste product in the manufacturing process which amounts to around 3,000 tonnes per year, resulting in virtually zero Eurocell production waste going to landfill.

We also have on-site facilities to recycle our own glass, steel and aluminium which we open to our customers. This ensures the products which our customers remove are recycled and disposed of responsibly. 


Closed-Loop Recycling from eurocell on Vimeo.

For information on our sustainability programme please visit our Energy Efficiency and Sustainability page.