The benefits of energy efficient windows and doors in your home...

Comfortable homes – comfortable bills
Windows play a vital role in conserving energy since 20% of the heat escaping from the average home is lost through windows*. Choosing the right combination of glazing and window frame is essential to improve the energy efficiency of your home, reduce the cost of energy bills and more importantly create a comfortable living environment for you and your family.
Our windows are made thermally efficient as standard to meet building regulations and beyond, to suit any budget. As part of our product range we feature an advanced multi-chambered window system for both the frame and the opening sash which helps prevent heat loss and enhances thermal efficiency. This means that we can manufacture windows that meet the highest energy efficiency ratings. Our standard casement window has recently been improved from a C rated casement window to an energy rating of B and a uvalue of 1.5, at no extra cost and from there our ratings get better.
With a range of energy rating certificates across our windows and doors, our products are able to greatly improve the energy efficiency of your home and reduce your energy bills. Our standard A rated casement window has now upgraded to an A+ rated with the option to increase it further to an A++ at an additional cost. We also now manufacture A rated vertical sliders along with A rated bi-fold and patio doors. 
Cutting carbon dioxide emissions has been a top priority for both the Government and homeowners, to protect our environment and our wallets. Due to this, building regulations were updated in 2010 to improve the efficiency of both replacement and new build windows installed as standard. It changed again for new build properties as recently as 2013, in a move towards zero carbon. 
For more information on building regulations and window energy ratings please visit our homeowners or downloads page. 
*Source: Energy Saving Trust
Our windows represent a genuine sustainable option. Not only because they help reduce CO2 emissions, but also because PVCu is s fully recyclable material. Each year, tens of thousands of tonnes of PVCu are recycled minimising the impact on landfill waste sites.
As part of our on-going sustainability programme we now manufacture our windows and doors from profile that features post-consumer recycled PVCu in the central core of the profile with 100% virgin PVCu external faces. This ensures the same aesthetics (no dis-colouration) and technical performance but is more environmentally responsible. This profile is also made and recycled in Derbyshire cutting carbon emissions from import and supporting British industry.
In fact 95% of the products and components used to produce our windows, doors and conservatories are manufactured and sourced in the UK to ensure that we support the UK industry and reduce our product carbon footprint.

Closed-Loop Recycling from eurocell on Vimeo.

For further information on how we support our environment please visit our Environment page.